“Our approach to innovation and development is customer driven and characterized by continuous improvements in close cooperation with our customers.”

We deliver energetic raw materials tailored to precise customer specifications. New approaches in innovation and development are the kind of thinking you’ve come to expect from a global leader in energetic materials.

The production processes at our advanced Sætre manufacturing facility are parallel to those in the pharmaceutical industry.  Consistent quality within strict parameters, such as purity, particle control and advanced coating technology, are essential to success. Our processes cover advanced nitration, filtration, crystallization, coating, drying and acid recirculation.


An important driver for our development work over the past 25 years has been to support the development of Insensitive Munitions and handling and processing safety in general. Energetic materials will always represent a certain risk and the balance between performance and sensitivity is an everlasting challenge. We mainly focus on process optimization and quality improvements of existing products and new formulations based on existing core materials.

We have comprehensive experience relating to STANAG 4170 –Principles and Methodology for the Qualification of Explosives Materials for Military Use — as well as other standards and military specifications covering the development and qualification of explosives for both civilian and military use. Qualification of an explosive requires in-depth understanding of explosive properties and relevant tests, analytical procedures and methodology.

A Chemring Nobel strength is that we have the knowledge and experience to advice customers and help them plan for qualification based on national and international regulations. We can provide some assistance with the qualification.

Due to significant cost levels, new formulations and new energetic materials are best developed as joint programs with customers, governmental institutions and military services.


In addition to the strength added through being part of the Chemring Group, we also maintain a supporting technology base to enable the cycle of rapid product development and technology acquisition through internal research partnerships with universities, research institutions and technology companies.

The Norwegian Department of Defense has a proactive attitude concerning the national defense industry base and has defined six technology competence areas of strategic importance for Norway. One of these areas includes “Ammunition, military high explosive, and propellants”.