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100% acetic acid is recovered as a byproduct from the nitration process and sold in the open market.

Chemring Nobel produces significant amounts of acetic acid, which is recovered from the waste acid resulting from the production of energetic materials.

Acetic acid is a corrosive material classified under UN hazard class no. 8.  The acetic acid is sold through Brenntag Nordic Norway as bulk material on the commercial market in Europe as as well as in Norway.  Smaller containers can be supplied on special request.

Acetic acid produced by Chemring Nobel has been REACH registered.    It is used, among other areas, in the manufacture of bulk, large scale chemicals, fine chemicals, pulp, paper and paper products, textiles, leather and fur.   Our 100% acetic acid has a minimum purity of 98.0 %, with a maximum formic acid content of 1.0%  and a maximum water content of 0.6 %.  Further information, including a specification requirement and delivery conditions is available upon request.    (Safety Data Sheet – Acetic acid)