Chemring Nobel delivers product quality and consistency that assures safety in transport, handling and processing -- critical factors for all customer segments.

HSEQ (Health, safety, Environment and Quality) is essential for doing business for anyone within the exploisives industry.

Communication and focus are therefore essential. Chemring Nobel is committed to ensuring that all employees operate with HSEQ as their top priority.

The strength of our HSEQ culture and the robust quality of our protection systems deliver operations where all our employees and visitors feel safe. To support this goal, we are committed to ensuring that our quality management system and product control are efficient, precise and well documented. The Chemring Nobel Values (link to About us) place a continuous focus on HSEQ.


One of the major themes in the history and development of the explosive industry is the understanding and handling of safety issues. Our emphasis on safety goes back almost 150 years of continuous operation – to our namesake Alfred Nobel — and is an ingrained part of our culture.  Our strong safety track record shows no serious personal injuries registered since we began production of our current product portfolio in 1968.

Zero Injuries

Chemring Group, recognizes that the highest levels of safety are required in order to protect employees, while promoting growth and maintaining leadership in the Group’s chosen markets. The Group’s stated aim is to achieve zero injuries and to reduce health and safety risks to a level which is “as low as reasonably practicable” (ALARP). We are proactively managing our risks within this framework and are certified under the Health and Safety Management System. OHSAS 18001

Full REACH Compliance

Chemring Nobel is in full compliance with the European Union’s REACH regulations (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). All substances supplied by Chemring Nobel that are subject to the first and second phase-in REACH registration deadlines (2010 and 2013) have been registered. Also substances supplied by Chemring Nobel subject to the third phase REACH registration deadline (June 2018) have been pre-registered, with final registration as they come due.

The handling of chemicals, and the production and storage of explosives represents a considerable hazard potential. The company is therefore covered by the Major Accident Regulation (The European Seveso II directive). Among its requirements, this directive includes the preparation of safety reports and special information to the local public.

We are monitoring suppliers of raw materials related to Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).

And we will continue to update and re-issue Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or Extended Safety Data Sheets (ESDS) for customers as necessary.


Chemring Nobel delivers product quality and consistency that assure safety in transport, handling and processing, critical factors for all customer segments.

Our precision product control and inspection reporting deliver the confidence in our products, our productivity and acceptance rates that customers have come to expect from a world leader in energetic materials.


We are certified according to Nato quality assurance requirements for design, development and production, AQAP-2110, which also fulfils ISO 9001 quality management system requirements.

A third-party certifier of our quality system is FLO (“Forsvarets Logistikk Organisasjon”) which is part of the armed forces of Norway.

A service called STANAG 4107 (the “Mutual Acceptance of Government Quality Assurance and Usage of the Allied Quality Assurance Publications”) is offered by FLO when requested.