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  • Established in 2007 when it joined the Chemring Group. It was formerly part of both Orica and Dyno Nobel – with a tradition going back to 1865 and Alfred Nobel.
  • 100% owned by the Chemring Group PLC
  • A producer of energetic materials for both military and commercial niche markets
  • Engene Production plant located in Sætre, Norway about an hour south of Oslo.
  • Approximately 130 employees.
  • Exports more than 95 percent of its products
  • All products covered by Norwegian export controls (“A” material) and sold as bulk and raw materials (chemicals)
  • Certifications: AQAP 2110 (ISO 9001)


  • One of Norway´s oldest industrial areas, established in 1876
  • The Chemring Nobel property covers approximately 90 acres
  • Industrial complex in continuous production of explosives and energetic materials for more than 140 years.
  • Production of HMX since 1968 and RDX since 1972
  • Security zones cover an extended area
  • More than 35 buildings – including explosive storage approval