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The International Standards Organization's recent guidelines for Social Responsibility establish a framework that provides a strong compass for organizations like Chemring Nobel.

As part of the Chemring Group, Chemring Nobel acknowledges its long-term obligation to ensure the responsible operation of 
its business at all times.

We are fully committed to sound and ethical business conduct in our interaction with key stakeholders – shareholders, employees, customers, governments and regulators, our local community and the society of which we are a part.

Chemring Nobel operates within a strict legal framework and has the status as a major hazard facility according to the European Seveso II directive, with relevant regulations enforced by the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB). Moreover, all energetic materials produced by Chemring Nobel according Norwegian export regulations are categorized as strategic and subject to export licenses granted by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As part of Chemring Group, Chemring Nobel has clear commitments relating to the Bribery Act of 2010 in UK, as this act has a near-universal jurisdiction.

Legal compliance is essential for our organization. In addition, the International Standards Organization’s recent guidelines for Social Responsibility (ISO 26000: 2010) provide a framework for social responsibility that provides a strong compass for organizations the size of Chemring Nobel.

Core issues under ISO 26000

Human Rights

The protection and respect for human rights are well incorporated in the Norwegian legal framework. Within our sphere of influence, the Chemring Code of Business Principles and the Chemring Whistleblowing Procedure support key issues on this subject. We encourage cooperation and employee engagement, and work to provide opportunities for personal growth and development. This obviously includes the area of equal opportunity.

Labor Practices

Chemring Nobel is a member of the Federation of Norwegian Industries (Norsk Industri) which is the largest association within NHO (the Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry). The relationship between employers and employee unions in Norway is based on strong tradition, respect and fair play.

Our workforce is characterized by loyalty and minimal turnover. A strong local presence is one of our organizational strengths.  Due to the nature of the business, which requires extensive training for new employees, the number of contract workers is kept to a minimum.

In addition, Chemring Nobel is certified and audited under the demanding Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001). We consider company culture and personal behaviour to be key factors in improving our safety standards. We are committed to communicating openly and honestly. This means resolving differences of opinion both within and between teams, seeking suggestions from a wide range of employees and emphasizing respect for each other’s views.

The implementation of REACH (the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals), a European Union regulation, is progressing well.

Chemring Group is a full member of SAFEX, an international interest group focusing on safety that consists of companies in the field of energetic materials.

We also focus on employee empowerment, giving employees the authority, responsibility and freedom to act, lead, motivate and guide.

The Environment

Chemring Nobel is certified and audited under the International Standards Organization’s Environmental Management System (ISO 14001), which focuses on promoting high environmental standards. Our business also operates according to emission permits set by the Norwegian Environmental Agency. We are also currently prioritizing our work on energy consumption reduction, as well as developing new waste treatment technology.

Fair operating practices

We strongly support the Common Industry Standards (CIS) developed by the European Aerospace and Defence Industry (ASD), which are dedicated to an international marketplace that allows all participants to compete on a fair and equal basis. We follow up by benchmarking corporate integrity practices, clearly setting guidelines for those to whom we supply, and holding systematic internal training on anti-bribery, corruption and ethical business conduct. In addition, Fair Operating Practices are the focus of the Chemring Group Bribery Act Compliance Manual 2013.

Consumer (and Customer) Issues

We do not operate in any consumer markets. We do, however, focus on a precautionary approach relating to information and training on safety. Proper labelling and comprehensive data sheets have our highest attention.

Community Involvement & Development

Historically, the industrial activities in Sætre have represented a major driver for the development of the community. Although the number of businesses in Sætre has increased, Chemring Nobel continues to be the largest private employer. It is in our interest to support sustainable growth and the development of the local community. Recruitment of local manpower is also considered a priority for our business, and the majority of our employees live nearby. Often their families have been linked to our business for several generations. Local suppliers are used whenever possible.

Because Chemring Nobel operates within the strict legal framework under the European Seveso II directive, safety zones and sensitivity zones around the plant affect all surrounding land planning. In this regard, we contribute in constructive ways to finding acceptable solutions for all interested parties involved in area development. We produce periodic updates of our operations for our neighbors as part of compliance under the Seveso Directive.